Research Interests

Generally speaking, I am interested in Representation Theory and Quantum Algebras.
More specifically, my current research interests are: Bethe ansatz method, Representation Theory of Quantum Groups, Lie Algebras and Superalgebras, and Integrable System.


  1. Self-dual Grassmannian, Wronski map, and representations of $\mathfrak{gl}_N$, $\mathfrak{sp}_{2r}$, $\mathfrak{so}_{2r+1}$
    (with E. Mukhin, A. Varchenko), 8 May. 2017, (arXiv:1705.02048)

  2. Multiplicity free gradings on semisimple Lie and Jordan algebras and skew root systems
    (with Gang Han, Yucheng Liu), 12 Nov. 2016, (arXiv:1611.03943)

  3. On the Gaudin model associated to Lie algebras of classical types
    (with E. Mukhin, A. Varchenko), J. Math. Phys. 57, 101703 (2016) (arXiv:1512.08524)

  4. Fine gradings of complex simple Lie algebras and Finite Root Systems
    (with Gang Han, Jun Yu), 29 Oct. 2014. (arXiv:1410.7945)